Back to Back: indie RPGs to fund

Back to Back is back! Welcome, you know, back.

Glancing over the campaigns that have ended since our last edition, Chasm succeeded admirably while Lex Laser, Wranglers and Paradigm Shift each fell short. The current round-up contains both returning projects and some fresh blood:

  • Ghost of a Tale — a beautiful 3D action RPG with anthropomorphic animals. IndieGoGo made a weird exception to its rules and extended the deadline for this one when the campaign creators appealed to them for more time. Ghost of a Tale now sits 87.3% funded, roughly 5,700€ (~$7,300) shy of the goal with 4 days remaining.
  • King Voxel — a 3D voxel-based Zelda-alike (previously covered here) with a new procedurally generated world / quest each time you start a new game. On the minus side, this campaign remains stalled at $546 raised; on the plus side, there are 52 days left to do something about that.
  • Old Legend — 41 days remain for this 3D first-person dungeon delver.
  • Remnants of Twilight — a jRPG with some nice concept art and sprite work. If this project raises $1,710 in the next 11 hours, it will meet its goal.
  • Reobirth: Magic’s Awakening — “Reo; Re-e-eo! Daylight come, and we want to go home.” This is a sidescrolling 2D action RPG with some nice art and a legitimately cool-sounding system where you breed magical combat companions with varying abilities. (I previously covered Reobirth here). This campaign has an eminently reasonable $12,500 goal, and 31 days left to hit it.
  • Stonehearth — a fantasy strategy title that takes the “strategy” side of things a bit more seriously than most of the games I’ve covered in this category. That said, it also has persistent characters, classes, leveling, and promotion trees, so this actually has some legit RPG credentials as well. It’s already close to three times its funding goal; I’ll be covering this one soon.
  • TinyKeep —  a 3D, third-person action RPG with procedurally generated dungeons and cute, big-headed character models. The developer promises “a sophisticated AI system, designed to produce unique monster intelligence that behaves in exciting and unpredictable ways,” as well as a pet system. This campaign has 13 days to raise £13,000 (a little less than $20,000).

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  • Colter Cookson says:

    I want to point out the Kickstarter for Jagged Alliance Flashback, a non-lineer, squad-level tactics game with character development and faction-based roleplay. I enjoyed Jagged Alliance 2, the game’s most notable predecessor, because the mercenaries you hire, the citizens you save, and the villains you fight have distinct personalities and cheesy but hilarious one-liners. They also grow and improve. The character development system is simple compared to the ones in many RPGs, but because of the mercenaries’ personalities, I still found myself rejoicing at their progress. If the Flashback team captures that personality and humor, as well as the accessible but challenging combat, it should be a great game.

  • Craig Stern says:

    Thanks, Colter! I hadn’t really heard much about that game’s RPG credentials, so I didn’t think to include it.

  • Matthew says:

    I almost backed Stonehearth… but then saw that it was due for release in September… of 2014. @_@

    I’ll just pay full price when the time comes.

  • […] back on the campaigns that ended since we ran our last Back to Back, Tinykeep made its goal, as did Stonehearth and Ghost of a Tale. Sadly, Reobirth: Magic’s […]


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