Dark Gates announced

Dark Gates
Word has it that DFour Games is working on a dungeon crawler with randomized dungeons by the name of Dark Gates.

The premise:

Shadow … it came so suddenly. Fear found his home and pour sadness to peoples hearts. It is a time where peoples forgot how the clear blue sky looks like. Those who did never spoke about it. They feared to offend an evil and mysterious force which found a home in darkness of underground tunnels. Peoples waited for a someone to challenge Dark Gates hidden deep within labyrinth of death.

You control a party of 6 characters in this title based on the board game DeathMaze. According to DFour Games, the main feature of Dark Gates is the dungeon itself. “This is no predefined layout and every time you play, map is always different. Dungeon creates itself as you play. In your quest you will find monsters, magical items, trap, puzzles and treasures.”

Here’s a trailer showing what it looks like as of right now:

Based on that video, I have to imagine that Dark Gates would appeal to anyone who enjoys Monster’s Den–it seems very much in the same vein.

Dark Gates is still in alpha, but it’s available to folks who wish to help alpha fund it. You can snag a copy of the alpha for $9.99 on Desura, for £6.99 on GamersGate, or (for the next two days only) as part of The Hellish Dungeons Bundle. Windows, Mac or Linux.

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  • Jim says:

    Hah. Sometimes I can’t get over the feeling that these games would be better promoted if you didn’t include a synopsis from the developers.


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