Heroine Dusk demo released

Heroine Dusk
The last time I wrote about Clint Bellanger, it was to talk about his open-source aRPG engine F.L.A.R.E. (which is now up to version 0.18 and looking pretty good). Today, however, we’re going to talk about another Bellanger project by the name of Heroine Dusk.

Heroine Dusk is a first-person, turn-based, step-based RPG in the Might and Magic vein. It even uses 2D sprites, just like Mom RPG developers used to make.

What distinguishes this from most of the blob-based first-person dungeon delvers of yore is its simplicity. You are a single character, not a party; fights are strictly one-on-one affairs (though that may change somewhat in the future); and the interface is highly streamlined.

You can try it for yourself, as there is a free demo currently online. Bellanger tells me that he created the demo as his April “One Game a Month” challenge, and intends to continue work on Heroine Dusk if it has a warm reception:

I have a full game planned on paper, and was waiting on how the demo was received before building out the rest of the game. I plan to sell the full game on my web site at first. I hope to make ports for iOS and Android at some point. I do at least plan to make a C++ port to make a native version for the open source handheld GCW-Zero.

Bellanger is known for championing open source development, and Heroine Dusk is no exception. Writes Bellanger: “I’ve released it all under open licences: GPL for the code and CC-BY-SA for the art.” The engine is pure HTML5 / Javascript, which will no doubt be exciting to some. (Personally, I’d be happy if I lived the rest of my life having never written another line of Javascript.)

Click here to play the demo.


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  • Thanks for covering the release of my new game! I’m glad you touched on the Open Source side of it, which is easy to miss among the rest of it.

  • fellrant says:

    Just out of curiosity, what language WOULD you prefer to live the rest of your life writing, were it practical to do so? (And, no, you can’t say ‘none’ — that’s too easy.)


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