Movie Night: Tales of Maj’Eyal, Hartacon Tactics and Steam Marines

Happy Monday, and welcome to another glorious week of exploring the exciting and ever-expanding world of indie RPGs! While I do some digging into some new and obscure projects, why don’t we catch up on some games we’ve previously covered, complete with videos? (Or, as I like to call it: Movie Night!)

First up, we have graphical roguelike Tales of Maj’Eyal. Word has it that ToME received a big update on Friday. Among the improvements:

  • Rebalancing of many races and classes
  • Addons will stay active if the game’s patch version is over the required one. So addons for 1.0.1 will work on 1.0.2 (but would not on 1.1.0)
  • Most tier1/2 zones can now have alternate layout/stories/… brings some fresh air
  • Rak’Shor pride looks more .. necromancy, and is more interresting
  • More direct melee-range talent UI
  • Many bugfixes and improvements

Second, it looks like work is continuing on Hartacon Tactics; some basic AI for single player has now made it into the game, as demonstrated in this video:

Space Hulk-style roguelike Steam Marines has reportedly been updated to alpha version 0.75a, with “a bunch of small stability and bug issues, as well as improving enemy AI and polishing up some of the UI.” In addition: “Map generation is sped up, special wall tiles were added, player and enemy turns are more clearly separated,” and more. This video doesn’t actually show version 0.75s, but it’s much more recent than the last one I posted, so I’m going to run with it:

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