Nadia Was Here announced

Nadia Was Here
A bit of digging has revealed the existence of Nadia Was Here, a from-scratch (read: not made in RPG maker) jRPG with a unique battle system and an unusual, limited color palette in development by Joep Aben.

The premise:

This is not the first time this is happening.

A mage driven by guilt. Will any of his good deeds ever truly redeem him?
A warrior that lives in the past, will he ever be able to accept that he’s not who he used to be?
A thief born in poverty, will she ever be worth something?

Three ‘heroes’ set out on a journey to prevent time from starting over again.
But will it solve their problems?

NWH is due to feature 7 villages and a variety of puzzle-heavy dungeons. It also features an unusual combat system. Aben writes:

Characters only target the enemies opposite of them, and enemies only target characters opposite of them in return. The position and moves of the characters can be changed in real-time, and the characters will automatically perform those moves once the charge time needed for that move has been reached.

The game will have a set amount of battles. The only way to increase stats permanently is by using equipment, but even then stat growth is very limited. The main way to defeat more difficult enemies is to learn new skills and use those tactically. Not a single skill will ever be useless or outclassed by another, and not every skill will be useful for every battle.

Aben has made a video showing the current state of the battle system right here;here is a second video showing a bit of exploration; and finally, we have a trailer. (I can’t actually embed these for some reason, as they’re hosted on a weird video site that doesn’t play nice with WordPress, but do feel free to click the links.)

Nadia Was Here is planned for release in early 2014 for Windows, with probable ports to Android and iOS. Per Aben, Mac and Linux ports are a possibility as well.

For now, there is a free alpha demo out (Windows-only); go give it a try and see what you think!

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