New release: Kingturn Underworld RPG

Kingturn Underworld RPG
Man; you turn your back for a few months, and BOOM: Mangobile releases another Kingturn game! For those who don’t know, Kingturn is a strategy RPG series for mobile devices (for more background, see this and this.)

The premise of this newest one, Kingturn Underworld RPG, is decidedly Disgaea-ish:

Juliet, necromancer and daughter of Overlord Xanthus, finds herself forced to flee the Underworld after a rebellion of her father’s minions. Struggling to survive on Andaria’s hostile surface, she has to take unusual measures to get things under control …

The primary Kingturn Underworld RPG campaign consists of 68 scenarios, with a shorter second campaign adding an additional 6 scenarios. The developer states that the main campaign is actually an “extended remake” of their earlier title Knightturn (a game which appears to no longer be available for purchase).

After a visit to the developer’s website, I have determined that the three Kingturn games are actually meant to comprise a trilogy: Kingturn Underworld is technically a prequel, since its story comes first chronologically.

Mangobile states that Kingturn Underworld RPG lets you command monsters and the undead, with new character classes such as the “Champion, Thief, Lizard, Demon, and Heretic.”

For now, Kingturn Underworld RPG remains exclusive to Android; you can nab it on Google Play for $4.89. An iOS port is scheduled to hit in September 2013, however. (It appears that Mangobile is actually in the process of porting the entire Kingturn series to iOS–they’ve already released an iOS version of the first Kingturn, and say that Kingturn Plus is slated to hit the Apple app store in June or July.)

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