New release: Love’s Triumph

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A bit of digging reveals to me the recent release of a new jRPG named Love’s Triumph by indie developer Gamer Fatigue Productions.

The premise:

Several months have passed since the events of Love’s Epitaph. Creighton, with his newfound ally, has taken the battle to the Tyrants. Together, they will stop at nothing to recover Lysa, and put an end to their schemes once and for all.

It all sounds delightfully soap opera-ish, I must say. Love’s Epitaph, the earlier title continued in Love’s Triumph, is similarly dramatic:

Love’s Epitaph follows a woman who is being pursued by an organization. Soon, a protector appears to defend her at all costs. Together, they must seek help from others, while trying to discover the mysteries behind their pursuit.

Here is the feature list:

  • Conclusion to the Love’s Epitaph storyline.
  • Customize your party with up to 8 different party members, with their own skills and weapons
  • New side view battle system replaces the older front-view battles
  • Several items to find with different ways to enhance your party
  • Love’s Triumph offers a recap of events from the first game, so new players can jump right in without having to play Love’s Epitaph

The 8-character party size cap is actually legitimately unusual, and might make this title worth trying. You can snag Love’s Triumph for Windows for $9.99, or grab the free demo to give it a trial run.

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