New release: Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

Lunar Wish
Hello, gentle readers! We’re back from our Memorial Day break with a free game for you to check out. Michael Lau writes in to tell me about Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate, a jRPG he recently completed using RPG Maker VX.

The premise:

Serathium, the fabled land of legends home to Angels, Beasts and Vampires, and most importantly, the Heart, Spirit and Soul of Existence itself: The Lunar Orb.  One day, The Lunar Orb started to lose control and the very foundations of the universe itself begin to crumble around them. The destruction gave way to an event which no one in the history of time itself could have foreseen: The Rebellion of Serathium.

The story begins, when one day a young boy, Falk, encounters a highly mysterious and seemingly malevolent voice in his room which informs him that someone close to him will disappear. In search of clues, he gathers his friends on a journey to unriddle the mysteries of Serathium and find his missing friend.

Lau has taken something of an ensemble approach to the story, with multiple parties and no clear protagonist. He states that Lunar Wish is full of interesting puzzles and mini-games, with numerous custom battle animations and side quests. Here is a trailer:

Lunar Wish is 12+ hours long; you can grab it right here at no cost; Windows-only.

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  • arthur peer says:

    loved this game will replay a few more times missed a lot any ideas on when the sequel will be ready thanx for any info


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