TBT: The Black Tower announced

TBT The Black Tower
Simon Mesnard writes in to tell me about TBT: The Black Tower, a very slick-looking 3D jRPG currently in development by a three-person French team.

The premise:

In 2011, Philippe Forté found a strange alien Cube during a routine mission on the Cobalt-5 satellite, around planet Terra. Hypnotized by this discovery, as if he was being called, he risked his own life to take the dark artefact in his hands. Noone ever heard of him after these events, and Philippe Forté is now known as a crazy astronaut who sacrificed his life for an illusion. Yet, the mystery remains.

In 2032, Yan Forté is a kind of forest ranger and lives in the woods of Lutetia – a country of the Europa continent on Terra. He has decided that he would never walk in the steps of his father Philippe, and that he would devote his whole life on protecting Nature on his beloved planet, instead of exploring the space. Things will suddenly change after he meets Ellana, a young girl with a strange black Die as a pendant around the neck, who came out of nowhere in a cloud of yellow particles…

According to the developers, “The game will feature a vast world to explore through various places that you reach from a Worldmap, with random encounters and turn-based battles.”

Mesnard states that TBT is heavily influenced by jRPGs of the PS1 era, and one look at the 10-minute gameplay video taken from the prototype should leave no doubt about that. Neither should the game’s current trailer:

TBT is planned for a Windows and Mac release sometime in 2014, with both French and English translations. There is an Indiegogo campaign currently running if you’d like to help them fund development, and the inevitable Greenlight page in case you want to boost their chances at winning the Steam lottery.

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  • Rya.Reisender says:

    This… looks… awesome!

    Quite high funding goal, I hope they succeed.

  • Matthew says:

    I don’t back things on indiegogo but the game looks cool. I hope they get a native english speaker to edit the text!


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