Checks Out Realms of Fortune

Back at the end of March, you may recall me covering the 2011 Elder Scrolls-style open world RPG Realms of Fortune. Developer Clayton Lilly was kind enough to provide me with a Windows copy of the game; as I often do, I chose to document my first 30 minutes with it for your amusement / edification:

Basically: not too shabby! I have a few things I could critique: it starts off slowly, there’s little to no exposition at the start of the game, and the stamina mechanic desperately needs a good blocking mechanic to complement it. But on the whole, the game struck me as pretty solid–especially so given the price (less than three dollars on Windows, and 99 cents on Android).

You can nab Realms of Fortune here for Windows, and here for Android. There’s also a free demo available (Windows, Android) in case you want to test drive it for yourself.

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  • Kyosho says:

    Great video as usual. I always find these sorts of minimalistic graphics charming. However, one thing that bugged me while watching, and then subsequently playing the demo, is the draw distance for the grass. I understand why this is needed for the Android version (though…from screens, I don’t see grass in that version), but surely the PC can handle more. Or, maybe, if there were a way to turn off the grass all-together? That wouldn’t bother me.

    Alright, it’s a several minutes later. I’ve looked through the game files and there doesn’t appear to be any config files I could edit. Maybe if I knew java. However, all the textures from the game are jpegs and PNGs. I was able to create a transparent PNG and replaced all the grass textures with it. The one you see at the start is g10.png, but I just did all of them (grasspatch.png through grasspatch4.png). Bam, no more grass. This also means people could make new texture packs for this game. Pretty cool.

    Kinda wish there were a way to change mouse sensitivity. And maybe the field of view as well (I’m a stickler for higher fov). Also, a story, as you’ve mentioned.

    Anyways, thanks for the heads up on this. I’ll probably buy the full version at some point.


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