Back to Back: indie RPGs to fund

Looking back on the campaigns that ended since we ran our last Back to Back, Tinykeep made its goal, as did Stonehearth and Ghost of a Tale. Sadly, Reobirth: Magic’s Awakening did not, nor did Remnants of Twilight. Going down to an especially disastrous defeat was TBT: The Black Tower, with less than 1% of the game’s funding goal met by the close of the campaign.

There’s a lot of newcomers to the crowdfunding field this month–let’s give them a looksie, shall we?

  • Combat Cats — with a bare minimum of actual RPG elements on display, this sci-fi, cat-themed Puzzle Quest clone nonetheless just barely manages to hang onto the lip of RPG-dom by the tips of its kitty claws. Look and judge for yourself if you’d like to contribute the roughly $114 Combat Cats needs to hit its goal.
  • Frontiers — an Elder Scrolls-style first person survival game / action RPG explicitly patterned after Daggerfall. It’s doing well, too–Frontiers is just over halfway funded with 27 days to go.
  • Frozen State — a top-down, real-time survival horror RPG set in post-apocalyptic Siberia. (Smartly, the devs have made footage of the alpha prototype available so we can see roughly what they’re aiming for.) Frankly, it looks a little shooter-y.
  • King Voxel — I know what you’re thinking: “the campaign for this is still going on?” Yes, folks; 19 days remain to fund this 3D voxel-based Zelda-alike (previously covered here).
  • Old Legend — this 3D first-person dungeon delver has 7 days to go and just shy of $15,000 left to raise.
  • Our Darker Purpose — an overhead action RPG roguelike-like that reminds me more than a little of the Binding of Isaac. It has 8 days to raise another $21,000 if it is to hit its $40,000 funding goal.
  • Rising Evil — a horror-themed action RPG being created in RPG Maker. It has surpassed its £750 funding goal.
  • Soul Saga — you may recall this as the 3D jRPG I covered under the suspicion that development had stopped, only to recant when I learned that it had merely transformed into a 3D roguelike. Well! Now it has reverted to a 3D jRPG once more, and is doing rather well on Kickstarter.
  • Unrest —an RPG in development by Pyrodactyl Games (whom you might remember as the developers behind A.Typical RPG, an ambitious title that I found wanting in its execution). Unrest is set in ancient India, and is funded many times over with two days left on the clock.

Unfortunately, I’ve missed my window to talk about Rhythos RPG Builder, an open source RPG creation tool intended to rival the likes of RPG Maker. It has now finished its campaign with only 14% funding. It’s a shame: the tool sounds impressive, although I question the wisdom of choosing to have it ship with a niche rhythm-based combat system rather than something more mainstream.

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