New release: Conclave

Nick Branstator of indie development studio 10 x 10 Room writes in to tell me about Conclave, a “browser-based RPG designed to evoke the spirit of tabletop roleplaying games.”

The devs describe Conclave like so:

Playable solo or co-op, synchronously or asynchronously, and delivered in pure HTML5 so as to be maximally compatible with all sorts of browsers (iOS included), Conclave is highly flexible about how and when you play.

If that’s confusing, this trailer should clear things up a bit:

Conclave currently has one campaign–Legacy of the Dweller:

The story begins in the Conclave, a realm where the races of the Kin have gathered after the long Age of Retreat. In “Legacy of the Dweller”, its people have ceased to dream; the search for a cause will lead to the discovery of new threats to the existence of the Conclave, as well as the legacy of an ageless, forgotten power.

As you can probably tell from the trailer above, Conclave is top-down and turn-based. Character creation is a matter of choosing from five races and five archetypes (read: classes), which determine your starting traits, skills, and abilities. You can then gradually shape your character into something more unique as you level. Branstator explains:

As you gain levels you have the opportunity to choose additional abilities for your character as well as improve your traits.  The abilities you choose from are unlocked by a mix of level, archetype, trait scores, and other abilities you’ve already selected.  The result is considerably more freeform than a skill tree.

Somewhat similarly to Larian Studios’ upcoming title Divinity: Original Sin, Conclave allows the players to make collective decisions about what to do when the story branches. Although Conclave is designed for cooperative multiplayer, you can comfortably play single-player as well if you don’t have a bunch of friends waiting in the wings to adventure with you. Per the devs:

Every combat is sensitive to the number of characters in the party.  The number, level, and placement of your foes can all depend on the number of characters present; we use different variables in different combats to create a balanced but flavorful experience.

Conclave is out now and playable in-browser. You can play 10 of the game’s current 25 quests free of charge; $19 will grant you access to the rest, as well as the ability to respec your characters, maintain up to 10 active characters, and level your characters up to level 10. You can also gift other people the game at a discounted price of $15.

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