New release: RMW Chain Game

RMW Chain Game
Terry Cavanagh has brought to my attention the existence of a new RPG Maker chain game: specifically, the appropriately titled RMW Chain Game. (I say “new,” of course, because we saw one of these released last year.)

Created under the auspices of, RMW Chain Game is basically exquisite corpse conducted via RPG Maker:

The idea is simple: everybody takes turns creating a chapter in the game. When one chapter is finished, it’s passed on to the next person in the chain. By the end, a bunch of people have collaborated on one game.

The game’s authors are, in order of the portions they created: Despain, Clord, Hesufo, Espon, Zetu, Evan G, Lustermx, Seacliff217, Valkill101, Deckiller and Zeuzio. The plot seems a bit disjointed–but of course, that’s to be expected, and actually ends up being part of the game’s charm:

The Four Memory Songs – Sand, Fire, Water, and Wind – were sealed by the ancients to prevent an evil force from obtaining them. These songs only resonate with some people – the Shadowy Being is not one of them! So how does he obtain them? Hmm…

Join Gita, a daring adventuress, on her quest to find the Memory Songs. Along the way, she finds herself being deemed ‘Eric the Silver Reaper’. Why is this? Play to find out!

Do you want to see a few minutes of gameplay? Of course you do!

Personally, I like the real-time trap dodging element they’ve included there. It reminds me a bit of the crypts in Telepath RPG: Servants of God.

If you want to try RMW Chain Game for yourself, you can grab it here for free. Windows only.

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