New release: The Book of Legends

The Book of Legends
A bit of digging around has revealed to me the existence of The Book of Legends, released by the ever-prolific Aldorlea Games sometime last summer. I could have sworn I’d posted about this one already, but some searching around this site reveals that I have not, so here I am making up for lost time.

The premise:

The Demon of Fear, Azutura, is slowly but surely awaking because the world is increasingly being dominated by thieves, rogues and bandits. Indeed – Azutura feeds on people’s fears. The solution is found and crafted by the best alchemists of the realm: a special relic whose vapors will put the Demon in a profound sleep for the next few decades or so.

A notorious traveler gifted with an extraordinary strength, Jordan, is sent to the House of Fear where the Demon lies to do the job. But the very first day of his mission, he is robbed by thieves and loses the precious relic!

The Book of Legends doesn’t take itself too seriously, tone-wise, but it does feature some real role-playing choices. Depending on who you have in your party, you’ll get different perks, exploration options, even options for romance. TBoL features:

  • 40+ hours of playtime
  • 30+ characters to play
  • 125+ spells to cast
  • 60+ weapons and 110+ pieces of equipment
  • 100+ different enemies
  • 300+ areas to explore

Lots of numbers there–but do they reflect a game that’s any good? Well, if Gamezebo and RPGFan‘s reviews are any guide, TBoL is definitely enjoyable. If nothing else, the mere fact that it has 30+ characters with their own unique effects on the game is pretty darn impressive (though it’s not clear how many of those consist of summonable animals).

You can nab the full game for $22.99 direct from the developer; Windows only. If you want to try The Book of Legends out for yourself first, I suggest nabbing the game’s free demo.

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