Sharpened Steel announced

Sharpened Steel
Rhys Furlow of Eclectic Gaming writes in to announce Sharpened Steel, a single player open world RPG currently in development.

I was given a plot summary with what I can only assume are massive spoilers, so here’s a redacted version:

You wake up in a store with no memory whatsoever, so you head out to find an apothecary who can help, completing side-quests along the way if you wish.

(There’s a lot more after that, but again: spoilers.) Setting-wise, Furlow states that Sharpened Steel is “set in the world of Stratom, where you can do as you see fit from the word go, you can change the world around you, and go on many quests with hundreds of different characters.”

Sharpened Steel features real-time combat. The graphics are a bit rough, but it looks decent enough in motion:

Sharpened Steel is in beta for Windows, though Furlow plans to port the game to iPhone as well. The game is free; you can download the current beta for Windows right here.

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  • BarryB says:

    While I’m sure a lot of effort is going into this game, and there’s more to the plot than you’ve (with reason) let on, I have to wonder at the number of RPGs that use a main character who has lost their memory. That’s Plot #2, right up there behind Plot #1: an ordinary person who suddenly discovers they have a Great Destiny and must save The Universe from some Untold Evil. I mean–a plot helps distinguish one game from another, at least, if the writing is good, and the working out is fine. No doubt I’m just being too hard on this one, but still, it seems every three or four RPGs coming out has a hero/ine with amnesia. It must be catching.


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