Stellvia: Rising Wasteland announced

Chris Tompkins of Vaultek Studios writes in to announce Stellvia: Rising Wasteland, a post-apocalyptic wRPG very much in the Fallout 2 mold.

Tompkins is quite committed to not revealing any details about the main premise of the game, but I can confirm that it revolves around the fortified town of Stellvia. The apocalypse has occurred. Stellvia is under the sway of mobsters; tribesmen live outside its walls; mutants and raiders roam the wastes; and a mysterious, shadowy faction threatens the wasteland.

From what I can tell, the apocalypse in this game resulted neither from nukes nor environmental destruction, but rather from extreme partisanship. Extrapolated a bit, this could probably explain a fair few things (raiders, mobsters, etc.), but I’m still not clear on how political affiliation causes mutants.

This game bears a lot of gameplay similarities to the original two Fallout titles. Stellvia will be turn-based, with different aiming options in combat; you will create a single character, with the ability to recruit NPCs to your party if you play your cards right; and the game will feature skill points and special abilities that you can distribute upon leveling up. Tompkins states that they are planning some original features as well, including a crafting system.

Here is the game’s current trailer:

Stellvia: Rising Wasteland is still very early in development–an alpha demo is planned for release in 2014, if that’s any indication! Stellvia is intended for eventual release on Windows, with ports to follow, but of course that’s still a long ways off. There is a Kickstarter currently running if you want to help the development along.

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  • I like how you put this: “From what I can tell, the apocalypse in this game resulted neither from nukes nor environmental destruction, but rather from extreme partisanship.”

    That’s a fair enough observation, (it actually made us laugh) especially since we went into so much detail on the political side, yet failed to mention the rest. We actually are going to add in these important details in the actual game intro (not trailer video). We will have a different (non-villain) narrator for that part.

    “I beg God to pardon me, for I am moved to say this, seeing that I am the last to die.” —Mansio Serra Leguizamon

    Here’s why there are mutants. There is a Civil War that eventually arises from all of the political unrest and economical turmoil. Other countries take advantage of this weakness, and begin pressing their shiny red buttons (nuclear missiles at key locations). Meanwhile the villain (speaking in the trailer) is working in the background, virtually unheard of and unseen due to the chaos and focus towards hating these attackers. He begins genetically modifying animal DNA, and captures some brilliant minds to help him progress much quicker. I think you know the rest.

    Thank for the review! We will have a lot more content, even in just a few months from now.


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