Ten Aces announced

Ten Aces
I’ve received an email from Greek developer Traptics about a new fantasy strategy title they’re developing called Ten Aces.

The premise:

“Ten Aces” is about 10 siblings that happen to be demigods. Each of them is unique in many ways but all of them are extremely agile, intelligent and powerfull. Initially they were all friends, and loved and respected each other, but destiny had other plans for them. Inside the game you get play any of them, discover their story and choose who will prevail.

You can choose any one of the ten “aces” in the single player story mode; each has its own campaign, and according to the developers, each “represents a playing style, is which he is expert (magic, ambush, traps).”

Ten Aces uses deterministic mechanics (no missing or critical hits), and focuses around customizing characters with different abilities. As characters level, they get access to more abilities and can equip more of them.

Here’s a trailer:

Ten Aces is planned for release sometime this year on Windows, Mac and Linux. The price has not yet been determined, but the developers are considering free multiplayer with campaigns / champions sold a la carte.

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