Checks Out Conclave

I’ve been curious to try out Conclave ever since I got wind of it. Last night, that is exactly what I did. You can see the results below:

I didn’t get too far, as you can see, but Conclave seems to have some real promise–especially if you’re playing it with friends. (That said, I’d really like it if I could just create and control a full party of Conclave characters myself.)

The only real gripe I have about Conclave so far is the interface. It’s not bad on the whole, but I am allergic to confirming every single action I take. The combat in Conclave is slow enough as it is; making me click to advance after every. Single. Thing. Is. Just. Not. Necessary. IMO, Conclave’s pacing would improve considerably if enemy info just popped up automatically on mousing over the enemy, with one-click movement and one-click targeting of attacks.

Development on this seems to be ongoing, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it expands and improves with time. If you want to try Conclave for yourself, head on over to the site–the first 10 quests are free to play, after all. (I wrote up more info on pricing for the full game here.)

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