Dungeon Lord announced

Ian Hawley, one half of the two-man studio Bovine Software, writes to me with details of his upcoming OUYA dungeon delver Dungeon Lord. (Note that there are no proper websites for these yet, only Facebook pages.)

The premise to Dungeon Lord is straightforward:

[T]his is a tile-based dungeon crawler inspired by Dungeon Master principally, so the story is a relatively typical case of being trapped inside and having to get out. I guess it’s more of an action RPG in today’s terms, because the game is real-time, first person and there is a good degree of skill required to dodge around the various denizens of Darkwurm to avoid having to toe to toe it.

(Note: this game was called Darkwurm right up until Monday, when it was abruptly renamed “Dungeon Lord.”) Anyway! That does indeed sound quite a bit like Dungeon Master; and if anything, this trailer made from footage of the game running on an OUYA only reinforces that impression:

It looks good so far, though I do hope the finished game is a little less spoiler-y. (I have to imagine that by the time we get to “the key is in the alcove,” we’d be able to figure that out ourselves.)

Dungeon Lord is being created in Unity. According to the developers, Dungeon Lord will feature 10+ weapon types and a unified skill system with 50+ skills. They state that their skill mechanics are more modern than the ones from Dungeon Master, with rebindable hotkeys. They also state that they’re using both skill cool-downs as well as energy costs. Thus, “there’s a lot of choice about how to play and whether you want to be that toe-to-toe warrior, a long distance spell caster or something inbetween.”

Hawley tells me that he and Dan McCaul have been working on Dungeon Lord for more than two years now, and that they are now nearly feature complete with a lot of content already in the game. Dungeon Lord is planned for release later this year on the OUYA and iOS (3G S and above), with Android ports to follow.

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  • Kyosho says:

    It’s a bit funny that on the youtube video, he references most big dungeon crawlers as influences but not Legend of Grimrock. The art style of the environment is like a low-res Grimrock. I definitely thought that was the case, but it wasn’t until I saw the teleporters that I was 100% certain. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it (on the contrary, makes me want to play it more), but it’s just funny. But yeah, doesn’t really matter since that genre is basically all clones of itself.

    I too am hoping that the spelled-out puzzle solutions thing is not consistent throughout the game. The whole video is probably just a tutorial section.

  • Craig Stern says:

    I thought of the Legend of Grimrock comparison, actually, but it wouldn’t have been entirely fair to make it since this has been in development 2 years and Grimrock only just came out last April. Grimrock itself is a pretty straightforward clone of Dungeon Master, so I don’t find it at all unlikely that a second Dungeon Master-style game would turn out similarly.

  • Ian Hawley says:

    Hi There

    We were inspired to start the game by Dungeon Lord, but Grimrock showed us that our scope was too bug – we had non-flat terrain, indoor and outdoor areas, two cities and lots more. Grimrock was developed with 4 people, full-time and we cut the scope back. Given that both games are a homage to Dungeon Master, it’s not so surprising.

    We are launching on iOS, OUYA, Android and probably Windows Phone and PS Vita. PC, Mac and Linux may also follow.

    Our website is here:

    We have a feedback pre-beta demo here:

    Thanks for the preview Craig!


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