Checks Out Last Dream

Hey guys! I kinda screwed up recording this: none of my hilarious, witty commentary made it into the video (sadface). BUT. This video will still give you a really good sense of how the first hour of Last Dream (previously covered here) plays. (And of course, those of you who hate it when I voice the characters will have a special treat.) Give it a look:

Think this looks interesting? You should download the free demo and give it a try yourself! (Windows-only.)

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  • Arca says:

    I played this game a few hours and found it extremely basic and boring, way behind Last Scenario (or even Everlong). By saying so, I’m not judging the game, only the beginning. Besides the boredom, two things convinced me to stop playing: the constant slowdowns (especially on the worldmap: awful) and the possibility to change the game settings at any time.

    The game comes with “achievements”; they are pointless. It is the trend, mind you, brought by Flash games probably: put achievements for everything, for nothing. The devs support speedrunning, which is a good thing, but why is the player allowed to change the game settings (battles frequency, difficulty, saves restriction) at any time? Big nonsense here. Also I don’t see the point of “New game+” and “Reborn” modes, which by the way conflict with the aforementioned achievements.

    Last but not least -and it’s a another trend- the game comes with a full walkthrough. So, players are dumb? Not a reason, seriously!


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