Checks Out UnEpic

You may recall me posting about UnEpic a couple of weeks back. Developer Francisco Tellez de Meneses was good enough to send me a copy of UnEpic to check out–and so naturally, I recorded myself doing just that.

I was rather surprised to discover that UnEpic is not just a side-scrolling action RPG–it’s actually a fairly traditional Metroidvania as well. The lighting–or more precisely, the lack thereof–forces slow and careful play, which is a mechanic I haven’t seen used this extensively in a side-scrolling title.

I do have a few things I could critique–the frequent use of low ceilings, the complete inability to exercise air control during jumps, or the lack of any way to quickly cycle through weapons using a controller–but all in all, I quite enjoyed my time playing UnEpic. If you haven’t played it yet, I advise you grab the demo and try it for yourself.

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