New release: Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals

Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals
Word has it that RosePortal Games (whom you may recall as the studio behind The Princess’ Heart) has released Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals, a new RPG Maker jRPG.

The premise:

In a world where classic tales come together, a young man must go on an adventure to collect four elemental crystals and save the earth!

Theodore lives a peaceful life, until one day General Kujae of the Empire comes to the village to capture him. He escapes and encounters a mysterious woman, who sets him on a grand adventure to collect four crystals and save the world from the evil Emperor!

Epic Quest is an intelligent parody and an amazing journey through a world where classic RPGs come together. Meet Rhen from Aveyond, Wendala from Laxius Force, Bubbles from Whisper of a Rose and more! A mind-blowing story and unique cast bring these beautiful tales together in one epic adventure!

So basically, in addition to being its own jRPG, this is fan service for people who are already into the more popular RPG Maker titles. It seems to have a fair bit of custom artwork, particularly in the character sprites–you can see some of that in the trailer:

As with all RPG Maker titles, this one is Windows-only. You can download a free demo here; the full game is available here for $19.99.

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