New release: Kanye Quest 3030

Kanye Quest 3030
So, this is apparently a thing. A developer going by the name of Phenix has released an RPG Maker game starring Kanye West, in what has to be the most ludicrous use of a celebrity persona since Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden. The game, in case the title of this post didn’t tip you off, is Kanye Quest 3030, a “a hip-hop-themed science-fiction 2D roleplaying game starring Kanye West,” with a clear nod to the classic sci-fi hip hop album Deltron 3030 (incidentally: you seriously owe it to yourself to buy that album if you don’t own it already).

The premise:

In January 2010, as rapper and producer Kanye West is taking the garbage out one day, he suddenly travels through a wormhole. Emerging on the other side, Kanye finds himself in the year 3030. In a dystopian city filled with clones of hip-hop musicians and under the control of a god-like dictator, can Kanye get back home?

The battles are all apparently rap battles that take place against the aforementioned clones, which is kind of amazing. Check out the trailer:

Kanye Quest is absolutely free to download and play; Windows only, though. Grab it here.

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