New release: Millennium 5: Battle of the Millennium

Millennium 5
Aldorlea Games writes in to announce the release of Millennium 5: Battle of the Millennium, the fifth and final installment of its Millennium series.

Millennium 5 is a jRPG with tournament-style mertial arts fights, where you can win by knocking (or tricking) your opponent out of the ring. The premise:

Marine has less than a week to get her friends (and herself) ready for the incredible showdown in Mystrock.
But as tempers flare and time runs out, isn’t the whole enterprise in danger of failing from the start?
Is Marine’s vision a glorious quest… or a sinking ship? And how can peasants face martial artists and their hordes of fans in their own arena?

The developers mention that Millennium 5 features a whopping 19 playable characters, with 40 secret rooms and 18 side quests sprinkled throughout the game.

There’s a free demo available for Windows; the full game is available for Windows for $19.99 direct from the developer. Nab the full game here.

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