New release: Sabres of Infinity

Sabres of Infinity
I’m a bit late on this one, but those of you who enjoy Choose Your Own Adventure / RPG hybrids will be pleased to hear that there’s a new one out, released just last month: namely, Sabres of Infinity. Written by Paul Wang, Sabres of Infinity is a Hosted Game using the Choice of Games engine.

The premise:

“Sabres of Infinity” takes place in a low fantasy setting called the Infinite Sea, with early industrial technology (roughly 1810 or so) alongside unique interpretations of well-worn fantasy standbys like knightly orders and functional magic. The story takes place during a war between two nations: the Unified Kingdom of Tierra and the League of Antar.

As a newly-minted officer in the Tierran Royal Dragoon Regiment, the player goes through officer training before embarking on an eventful voyage by ship to the front lines of the war in Southern Antar. Over the period of half a decade, the player then rises through the ranks, gaining responsibilities and new commands, as well as making new friends and enemies. The player will need to pick a senior non-commissioned officer and a horse, while keeping their men alive and facing the unique moral dilemmas put before a soldier at war. Ultimately, the story allows the player to take part in a massive, climactic battle which may decide the course of the entire war.

During the game, you can focus on Soldiering, Charisma or Intellect, build reputation, and make choices along an idealism/cynicism spectrum as well as a spectrum of ruthlessness versus mercy.

Sabres of Infinity offers a free browser demo; the full version is $2.99 on the Apple App Store or Google Play; you can also pick it up for PC on the Chrome store.

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