New release: Tales of Illyria

Tales of Illyria
Matt Schneck of the unfortunately named indie studio “Little Killerz” writes in to tell me that Tales of Illyria was released for Android devices in mid-June.

The plot premise is akin to something that I’d expect in a spy thriller, albeit in a medieval fantasy setting: the Emperor of your country has had you framed for the murder of your family, and so you go about the task of overthrowing him.

Tales of Illyria is a unique episodic party-based RPG that simulates the experience of a traditional pen and paper role playing game. What sets Tales of Illyria apart from other games is the unique gameplay and turn based mechanics. One of our main sources of inspiration when we designed the game was Oregon Trail. Like Oregon Trail, you are on an epic journey, and you must manage all aspects of your party, right down to the supplies you carry.

Here’s a trailer:

You can nab Tales of Illyria on Google Play for $4.95. The game remains Android-only for now, although the developer states that iOS and Windows ports are coming soon.

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