Unrest announced

So! Here’s an interesting one. Unrest is an RPG being developed by Pyrodactyl Games (creators of the previously covered oddity The A.Typical RPG).

Unrest takes place in ancient India during a period of (what else?) unrest. “Play as ordinary men and women struggling for safety, freedom, food for their children, and a chance at peace.” Seems simple enough, but Pyrodactyl have published a lore update with some interesting details that make that premise seem a lot more intriguing.

The majority of the game will consist of exploring the massive city of Bhimra and the surrounding area, interacting with various characters, and trying to achieve your goals either through combat or conversation. The world is full of side quests and optional content for players with a keen eye.

Combat in Unrest is planned to consist of fast-paced one-on-one duels. The devs write that combat encounters will be infrequent and unique, and that violence will have consequences in the game world. On the tail-end of their successful Kickstarter campaign, Pyrodactyl put together a video showing off the game’s art style in its current prototype state:

The full list of planned features follows:

  • Explore the drought and famine stricken streets of an ancient Indian city, where a fog of hunger and discontent shrouds the natural beauty of the land.
  • Use the detailed conversation system to instill fear, command respect and gain the trust and friendship of others. Understand your enemies and make them see your side of the story.
  • The narrative adapts to failure and death – instead of a game over screen, the plot continues and your fate becomes part of it. However, you can still save and load at any time if you want to.
  • Make tough and interesting decisions in the lives of people untouched by destiny. The traditional hero’s quest of prophecy, power, and revenge forms a backdrop to your own struggles.
  • Combat is brutal, decisive…and always avoidable. Bloodshed might be the easy way out in some situations, but has lasting consequences beyond those apparent on the surface.
  • Hand drawn 2D art and soundtrack based on ancient Indian music to help you immerse yourself in the world.
  • Full mod support lets you create your own worlds and adventures.
  • Unrest will be available DRM-Free on multiple digital stores, without any DLC or micro-transactions. We promise.
  • Iron Man mode to make sure you deal with the consequences of your actions.

Unrest is planned for release on Windows, Mac and Linux machines in early 2014.

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