New release: Gurk III

Gurk III
You may recall me posting about the mobile RPGs Gurk I and II last year; word has reached my ear that a third Gurk title has now been released.

Gurk III, by developer Larva Labs, is an RPG with some similarities to the old Ultima titles. Gurk III sports a retro 8-bit visual style (though admittedly, the color palettes look more 16-bit to my eye).

There doesn’t seem to be a narrative premise available anywhere, just this general description of the game’s features:

The third installment in the series is a bigger adventure than ever before, with loads of new monsters and items, many with unique effects and abilities. Character classes are better-differentiated and combat tactics are more subtle and interesting without sacrificing the hack’n’slash ethos that Gurk fans adore. The dedication to 8-bit culture remains fervent, with the complete 20-song soundtrack rendered with analog synth emulators that will evoke the classic sounds of the game systems of the 1980s.

This gameplay video should give you a sense of what you’re in for:

Personally, I rather like the combat music.

Gurk III is available for $1.99 on Google Play. In a first for the series, Gurk III is also available for iOS: you can snag it for $1.99 on iTunes. (Note: there is currently a bug which prevents the game from running on iPhone 4 / iPad 4, but the developers state that a fix is coming shortly.)

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