New release: RPG Trifecta Pack (Beggar prince)

RPG Trifecta Pack
You may know Super Fighter Team as the group that brought a series of new jRPGs to the Sega Genesis and released over the last 8 years; specifically, Beggar Prince, Legend of Wukong, and Star Odyssey.

These games had a weird route to publication: Beggar Prince was actually developed, self-published and released in 1996 by C&E Inc., exclusively in Chinese. Super Fighter Team localized it to English in 2006.

Super Fighter Team localized the other two as well. Legend of Wukong was originally created by Gamtec under a publisher, and therefore doesn’t qualify as indie. Star Odyssey (or, as it was originally known, Blue Almanac) was developed by Hot-B Co. It was also created under the thumb of a publisher, leaving Beggar Prince as the only true indie title in the lot.

Last Thursday, Super Fighter Team released Windows and Mac OSX ports of all three of these games as a single “RPG Trifecta Pack.” Because Beggar Prince is an indie title, I choose to cover this as a new release. The premise of Beggar Prince follows:

The snobby, selfish prince of Shatt Kingdom unknowingly aids a great threat to his world after he switches places with a beggar who looks just like him.

Wanting only to escape the daily drudgery of his palace life, he has no idea what evil lies in wait around every corner. This careless brat of a boy is now the last chance for his kingdom to remain in peace, rather than be enveloped in chaos. Guide him on his way to learning the path of a true prince, and save his world from sinking into darkness.

So basically, it’s a high fantasy riff on Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. Here’s some video footage of the start of Beggar Prince:

The Windows version and the Mac version of the Trifecta Pack each cost $20; you can pick up one or the other via Paypal on the Trifecta Pack website.

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  • Rya.Reisender says:

    Bought it. Thanks for telling us about it!

    And I think it’s fine to post news of such games here even if they aren’t 100% indie, after all, we like the style of the games and not the fact that they are indie (though, I guess I shouldn’t speak for everyone).

  • jackal27 says:

    Really digging all 3 of these games, even if Super Fighter Team comes off as pretty rude in their e-mails.


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