Halfway announced

Two-man indie developer Robotality has announced Halfway, a sci-fi squad-based tactical RPG. The premise: it is a few hundred years in the future.

You take control of a small group of people who are witnesses to a violent overtake of their spaceship by an unknown species. As you fight your way through the dark corridors and rooms of the ship, you will uncover more and more details of what has taken place. For now, all you know is that in order to survive you will have to fight, face your fears and outsmart the enemy…

As for how it plays, expect turn-based, squad-level firefights with fog of war, line-of-sight, and cover. All in all, it reminds me quite a bit of X-COM; you can see for yourself in this pre-alpha trailer:

As for the character and squad-building aspects, the devs write:

Your squad will be built out of distinct characters you pick up along your journey, each with their own part to play in the whole story. You will develop skills and find items as you uncover all the corners of the spaceship, adding a touch of RPG elements to the game.

Robotality state that they plan to release Halfway later this year on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, with a possible tablet port to follow.

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