Heroes of a Broken Land hits beta

Heroes of a Broken Land
Hey folks! You have probably noticed that I took a little vacation from posting on the site leading up to and after PAX; I’m now looking to get back into the swing of things.

To start us off, Andrew Ellem of Winged Pixel has written in to tell us that Heroes of a Broken Land hit beta as of September 3rd. Most of the listed changes are bug fixes, though new music and a much-needed graphical overhaul of the overworld map tiles are on offer as well.

You can check out my video of playing a late alpha build here; or even better, you can nab the new downloadable demo build for yourself: Windows, Mac or Linux.

Ellem lists balancing work and improved dungeon variety as major goals to hit between beta and the final release. In the meantime, Heroes of a Broken Land is up now on Steam Greenlight, so go ahead and upvote it if you’d like to help it succeed commercially.

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