Checks Out Avadon 2 (Windows Beta)

In my hand Youtube account, I come bearing a new video: Checks Out Avadon 2! Specifically, we’ll be looking at an early version of the Windows port of the game. It’s still in beta, but this should give us a peek at what we’re in for:

Jeff Vogel has been making these sorts of games for a long time, and it shows. He’s gotten this thing down to a science. There isn’t much to critique here that can’t be chalked up to the limitations of an introductory sequence (after all, a measure of linearity is necessary if you’re going to teach the player basic skills for play in the right order).

The Windows port of Avadon 2 has been scheduled for release this fall; beyond that, we don’t have anything more specific. Given that the beta only represents 1/3 of the game’s content, I expect it’ll be at least a month or two more before it sees release in its final form.

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  • Mak says:

    Craig, after pressing ‘g’ to get stuff off the ground, the list of retrievable things is listed ‘a’ through ‘o'(?), so by pressing the appropriate key you can pick up the item you want. You can also press ‘esc’ to close a menu, I believe, instead of clicking the button. Most things have hotkeys in Jeff Vogel’s games, which really speeds up exploration once you get the hang of them. Dialogue options, too!

    I’m very much looking forward to playing this! Thanks for the sneak peek.

    Oh, and I enjoyed your voice acting, especially Watcher Gamal.

    • Craig Stern says:

      Ah! Interesting. Somehow, it didn’t occur to me that those letters denoted hotkeys. I’m still partial to hotkeys working like toggles, but I see what he was going for there.

  • BarryB says:

    The wonder is that Vogel can still make them, fresh and entertaining, after being at it for so long. I know he was pretty burnt out for a while, but seems to have rebounded in strength. Good to see.

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