New release: Age of Pirates

Age of Pirates
The Trese Brothers have returned with another open-world RPG on the Android, this one pirate-themed. The aptly titled Age of Pirates is “a high-seas adventure RPG that mixes story RPG elements with a powerful trading simulation.”

The game has you playing as merchant Nathaniel Sveet on a quest to save his son. The devs write:

This high seas adventure RPG offers you the chance to enter the dynamic and exciting world of Laanbrakar and its mix of age of sail technology, powerful land magics, and industrial revolution. As the master and commander of your sailing ship, you are challenged with navigating the tricky political waters between nations on edge, dealing with sorcerers when you must and trading, bounty hunting or plundering to make a profit. Keep your ship bristling with guns and your crew well-fed. Age of Pirates offers both a rich set of story driven characters as well as endless replay value in its sandbox mode, allowing you take any path you choose as a captain of a sailing ship. Your actions affect the world around you as you grind enemy ports into dust with bombardments or end resources shortages through trade, bringing cities back into prosperity.

Among the game’s features:

  • Choose your own path through his expansive ocean world.  Play as a infamous pirate, a knight of one of the great nations, a law-abiding merchant, or a smuggler.  Age of Pirates provides a sandbox style of game play, allowing you to truly create your own path.
  • Masterfully execute your sailing adventures by taking advantage of the realistic wind engine, weather conditions, and the sail plan of your ship.
  • Open fire on enemy vessels with the long guns, broadsides, or lead the boarding action and duel the enemy captain in exciting high seas combat.
  • Trade the major 10 commodities across over many different types port economies, finding the best profit.  Proper planning as a merchant can lead to an easy profit as you ship lumber from forested region to a population center, but only the true experts can achieve massive riches.
  • Purchase, upgrade, and staff one of hundreds of sea faring vessels for your specific Captain’s style.
  • Battle against the terrors of the deep, from kraken and sea monsters to the ice demons who lurk in the fog.
  • Accept the challenge and try to achieve the more than 20 awards within the game by slaying monsters of the deep, surviving horrible challenges, dominating combat, or gaining exorbitant riches!

Sound intriguing? You can get a look at the game in this trailer:

Age of Pirates is currently an Android exclusive. Andrew Trese tells me that a future port to the OUYA may be in the cards, however, depending on the success of their Heroes of Steel OUYA port. In future versions, the Trese brothers are planning to add in even more new features: trading in specialized regional goods, simulated fencing, an upgradeable captain’s sword, and the ability to influence the fates of port cities.

As with all Trese Brothers games, Age of Pirates comes in two flavors: free and elite. The free version is, of course, free, and can be found on Google Play. The elite version is $2.99 on Google Play, and has more than twice the content of the free version (including a world map four times as large!) It also offers extra customizability in terms of characters, ship types and overall difficulty.

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