New release: Gingiva

John Clowder, creator of the decidedly bizarre surrealist jRPG Middens (previously covered here), has come out with a new title by the name of Gingiva.

As with Middens before it, Gingiva is a surrealist jRPG. The premise:

An amboeboid landscape threatens to engulf civlization and all its plastic bottles. Disembodied mouths live in the walls of municipal buildings like household pests. Packs of human-headed dogs rove the lands between formless space and concrete reality. A king bureaucrat who’s image is everywhere but his body no-where

According to Clowder, Gingiva features “five playable characters, over 100 fully animated creature portraits, multiple paths and varied endings.”

The trailer reminds me of…well, Middens, frankly:

Gingiva is free; Windows only. Download it here.

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