New release: Travelogue

Ashley Flanagan of Urban Hermit Games writes in to announce the release of Travelogue, a sandbox RPG with asynchronous multiplayer elements.

Travelogue employs an interesting marriage of single player-style interaction with a multiplayer-driven game environment:

Players will encounter a myriad of opportunities to change the fate of the realm of the Midlands – not just for themselves, but for every player. With Urban Hermit’s asynchronous multiplayer features, decisions made in every playthrough will affect the world’s economy, karmic alignment, and more for everyone playing the game.

There is a trailer, though I don’t know how good of a job it does at conveying these features, so I’ll post the gameplay video instead:

The feature list includes:

  • Exploration-based gameplay – go anywhere, see what’s there.
  • 17 cities and 5 dungeons to explore
  • Over sixty routes through six different terrain types
  • Your actions influence the balance of forces in the Midlands – for everyone! Shape the world into the place you want through your actions.
  • Fight strange creatures using dozens of different abilities
  • Trade in over 30 types of goods
  • Three different classes to play with their own quest-lines and sets of skills.
  • Over 130 distinct events

If you want to give the game a shot, there’s a browser demo available for you to try. The full version of the game costs $10, and runs on Windows; you can grab that here.

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