Catacomb Kids announced

Catacomb Kids
Word reaches me of a side-scrolling roguelike-like, an aRPG platformer with procedurally generated dungeons. The name? Catacomb Kids.

Developer Tyriq Plummer (a.k.a. Four Bit Friday) states that the game is deliberately named after the Aesop Rock song–interesting trivia, though perhaps not super relevant to what the game is about. The actual premise:

Traverse procedurally generated dungeons and hack, slash, burn, and blast your way through hordes of things that want to kill you.

Become a force to be reckoned with as you delve deeper into the deadly Catacombs. Perhaps you will emerge as the hero who slays Abys, the Demon Sorceress who calls the dungeon her domain.

Or maybe you’ll just be another poor soul who succumbs to the reaper.

The trailer:

When will it be released, and on what platforms? Great question! All we know right now is that it’s “still a ways off from being done,” which I believe translates from developer-ese to “not until 2014 at the earliest.” That’s just my guess. I’ve reached out to Tyriq for more info–I’ll update when I have it.

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  • erdraug says:

    Makes you wonder why procedurally generated platformers weren’t the norm before. Is the target audience that different?

  • Rya.Reisender says:

    I’d say map design is quite important for platformers and it’s not easy to randomly create good map design for platformers. It’s much easier for “top-down bird view” and even completely random tiles put together (and using a flood algorithm to check if there is a possible path) can actually be fun to explore. This isn’t the case with platformers.


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