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I ran into someone affiliated with this game back at PAX Prime, but didn’t get a chance to check it out at the show. I soon forgot about it, only to remember belatedly that this one deserves a post. To put it simply, Gheldia is a Zelda-alike in development by a four-man team at the Washington indie dev house Hunt Game Studios.

The official premise is way too long to post here, so let’s make do with an abridged version:

30 years ago a terrifying event known as the Black Awakening caused the Beast Lords to be disturbed from their slumber and ascend to the surface. It is said that the Dark Wizards of Theon were plotting this secretly underground ever since their defeat. With the return of the Beast Lords the monsters were granted new powers and sought revenge against the kingdoms of Gheldia.

Lor is an aspiring Slayer who is looking to make a name for himself. He braves the dangerous waters to journey to the Isle of Aria where a Beast Lord is rumored to dwell. The island houses one of the many Slayer camps and Lor heads there to begin his adventure…

The trailer:

Gheldia is planned for a Windows release in both English and Japanese in December 2013. The developers state that after the game’s release, they may release the official development tools as well “so players can create their own levels.” While you wait for release, you can vote for Gheldia on Steam Greenlight right here.

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