New release: Hunters Grimm

Hunters Grimm
Oh, hm. Another day has passed. I suppose I should post some more indie RPG news? Very well! Let’s do that. Word reaches me that Valkyria Games (not to be confused with Sega’s Chronicles of the same name) has come out with a new jRPG by the name Hunters Grimm. Suddenly, that image to the right makes perfect sense!

Anyway. The premise:

For Sarai and Nicholas Grimm, life is simple: find the monsters, beat the monsters, take the money, frosty chocolate milkshakes and boring old research books for all.

But one night, one favour to a friend has set them on a path neither can predict. An attempt at a selfless act has them branded outlaws, hunted by an old rival, and trying to understand just what is happening alongside their personal hero. What awaits them is the beginning of an adventure neither of them are prepared for.

There’s a quality to this prose description here that makes me more interested in this game than I usually am in RPG Maker jRPGs. This isn’t just another hero’s journey, it seems, and the person writing it can actually put words together in arrangements that call to mind top-shelf young adult fiction. (That might not sound like a compliment, but given the rather low bar set by most jRPGs, this is actually pretty darn good.)

And speaking of top-shelf young adult fiction: is it just me, or does the brother look just a smidge like Harry Potter?…

Sorry, got off topic. Where was I? Ah, yes. The game. It’s out now for Windows–the full thing costs $14.99, but you can try the free demo first to see if you like it.

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  • Alyric says:

    Huh… it sounded interesting, but trying to navigate to the website gives me a “bandwidth exceeded” error.

    It’s a shame, you’re absolutely right – the writing does make the game sound more interesting than the average JRPG (and the average RPG maker game).

    I hope they get their site back up and running soon, I’ll definitely be giving the demo a whirl, at the very least.

  • stephanie says:

    hunters grimm – I cannot down load the game but have paid for it in full. Anyone with any ideas

  • Craig Stern says:

    Ooh, that’s no good! It looks their site is down from getting too much traffic. Maybe try again in a day or two? (If you’re desperate, I found the email for their site administrator via a WHOIS search: RAPHAELDELMASCHIO@HOTMAIL.COM)

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