New release: Onyx

Right on the heels of Hunters Grimm (previously covered here) comes Onyx, a jRPG collaboration between Aldorlea Games and Valkyria Games. (How is Valkyria games putting out this much stuff in such a short period? Beats me! Maybe they just contributed assets while they worked on Hunters Grimm?)

Regardless, here’s the premise of Onyx:

Play as Rowen, a secluded witch with a bad temper, who has to run after the people who stole her treasured ring given to her by her dead mother. But… could it be that the ring hides more than just emotional value?

Personally, I’m going to guess “yes,” but I suppose there’s technically only one way to find out: wait for someone else to buy the game, play it through, then spoil it for you.

…wait. Maybe there’s a second way to find out: get the game yourself and play it! Onyx is $19.99, Windows only. You can get a taste of what you’re in for by trying out the game’s free demo.

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