Rollers of the Realm announced

Rollers of the Realm
Among the many delights I witnessed at Indiecade this year was Rollers of the Realm, an oddball hybrid of action RPG and pinball game by Canadian developers Phantom Compass.

The premise:

An orphan girl (The Rogue) and her dog (multi-ball) travel their war-torn Realm, picking pockets to get by.  When The Rogue chooses to help a drunken Knight, they set off a chain of events that will change their lives and the Realm forever.  On their journey to uncover the true source of unrest in their land, they collect a band of medieval misfits who help them battle and ultimately save the Realm from a long forgotten dark magic.

The real attraction here, of course, is the game’s unique blend of RPG and old-fashioned pinball mechanics. To wit:

Combining the skill mastery and physics of pinball with the engagement of role playing games, Rollers of the Realm offers a new yet familiar gaming experience.   Collect an ensemble cast of unique up-gradable pinball characters and battle through board after board of an epic fantasy story.

There are 10 character classes, each with its own unique ball. When enemies attack, they damage your flippers–you’ll have to take down the enemy quickly, or else keep your flippers healed if you want to survive each encounter.

Get the idea? Perhaps it would be best if you just watched the trailer:

Rollers of the Realm is planned for release on PC in Spring or Summer 2014, with other platforms (such as iPhone) to follow. It is currently on Steam Greenlight; if you think it looks cool, feel free to upvote it!

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