Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls announced

Word reaches me that Singaporean developers Softnetix Entertainment are hard at work on an episodic 3D action RPG. The first episode is called Dimiria: The Agrarian Falls.

I’m not sure what the subtitle is meant to refer to, if I’m being honest; it makes me think of a small waterfall by a farm. The plot premise doesn’t offer much of a clue either:

In this dark, heroic fantasy, you enter the land of Andhere Terrae and charge onto the front lines against the impending Hiristian invasion. Choose your warrior’s style and skills. Are you a Fighter; a strong and fearless combatant? Or are you a Mage;┬áintelligent and cunning with incredible tactical potential? Or perhaps a Rogue; quick and stealthy, focusing on a single target to dismantle it with deadly efficiency and utmost precision. Whichever hero you choose, each promises uniqueness in its play style and skill sets.

The game is mission-based and organized by chapters. Although the game limits you to 3 predefined character types, it does give you the option of assembling a party from a selection of characters, so you’re not solely limited to picking fighter / wizard / thief.

Here is the trailer:

My jaw dropped a little at the female warrior’s walk animation. She’s in full plate armor, and yet she slinks around like she’s in a negligee. On the plus side, she’s not in boob plate or a chain mail bikini, so I guess it could be worse.

As the trailer states, Dimiria is currently in beta; the website estimates a December release for this first episode.

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