Eremidia: Dungeon! announced

Eremidia Dungeon
Word has it that Indonesian indie developer Enthrean is developing a dungeon crawler with a jRPG style battle system. That game is called Eremidia: Dungeon!

The premise:

You play as the chosen Scout of Eremidia mainland, taking your chosen Heroes and the cursed King himself to dwell the deep, dark dungeons filled by Minions and many monsters that are waiting for you. Treasures, challenges, and traps are also waiting for you to be undiscovered in the dungeons. Play as a Summoner, explore the potent of every of available Heroes that you’ve discovered either by help of the Librarian or by your finding in the dungeon, providing myriad playstyle depends on the player’s liking. And at least, find and defeat the Black One to bring the peace back to Grace Island, where the threat itself comes from.

Eremidia reportedly comes with 20 playable characters, 13 quests, 11 runes, and 80 accessories.

Here’s a gameplay trailer showing off (what else?) a bit of the game, including a timed-hit combat system inspired by Paper Mario:

Eremidia is still in development. While you wait for release, you can download pre-release build 1.0RC1 to give it a try; there’s also a patch up to eliminate some bugs in this pre-release version.

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