New release: Isle of Bxnes

Isle of Bxnes
Hey guys! Remember Whalenought Studios‘ game Isle of Bxnes? (I mean, you should–I only posted about it just a few short months ago.)

In case you don’t: Isle of Bxnes is a Stone Age Diablo-alike with a highly stylized pixel art aesthetic and a brutish primeval setting.

The premise:

Survive the brutal trek east with your tribe in this bloody stone age action role playing game. Judge every encounter in these foreign lands and plan your attacks against beasts, cannibals and warring tribesman. Meanwhile, allocate resources to build a backup army of your offspring, knowing that just a few hits can leave you a lifeless pile of meat.

In practice, it would seem that this involves a lot of exploration, dodge-rolling, and beating the hell out of things with your club:

Here’s the feature list:

– Permadeath. Your tribe dies without you as their hunter.
– Reincarnation through your sons (who have randomly chosen skills, attack dmg and stamina)
– Level randomization each play session with a huge variety of enemies, non-hostiles and boss battles
– Unique tribes to choose from with a variety of skill paths to upgrade as you progress
– Tons of art and variety in inventory items and weaponry
– Choose how you want to allocate the limited resources you find while exploring islands
– No iap or pay-to-win. Ever.

Isle of Bxnes is out now on Google Play; you can grab it for $2.99. It is also currently under review by Apple, and should be out for iOS shortly. (If you’re super-impatient, I’ve spotted it up on the Czech Republic’s iTunes store for 2,69 €, which I think is works out to something like $3.62 in US dollars.)

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