New release: Showdown at Willow Creek

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Showdown at Willow Creek
Choice of Games has a new game for you to choose: Showdown at Willow Creek, a Western-themed choose-your-own-adventure style RPG hybrid written by Alana Joli Abbott.

The premise:

Saddle up and defend the town of Willow Creek from nefarious outlaws and city slickers! It all starts when a rancher’s daughter goes missing, and it ends at the showdown at Willow Creek, where greed, lust, science and Mother Nature will face off at high noon.

Gamble, seduce, brawl, or shoot your way through Willow Creek, where gunslingers make the laws, and everybody has secrets. Will you romance the gambler or the soiled dove (or both)? Will you side with the scientists bringing electricity to the Old West, or with a tribe of native American Utes? Will you unravel the conspiracy that threatens to tear the town apart, or will you light the fuse to blow it all sky high?

With stats such as Brawlin’, Gamblin’, Shootin’, Sweet Talkin’ and Investigatin’, I think this might just be the second properly Western-themed RPG I’ve seen (the first, of course, being The Real Texas, though that one’s really more of a Zelda-alike).

Anyway! Showdown at Willow Creek is available for $1.99 on the Apple app store, on Google Play, and on the Chrome web store. As per tradition, there’s a free demo to try out right here.

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