Old release: Aralon: Sword and Shadow

A bit of digging around has revealed to me the existence of an open world wRPG for mobile devices by the name of Aralon: Sword and Shadow. Aralon was apparently released back in 2010 by strangely prolific creators Crescent Moon Games.

The premise:

Three hundred years ago, the great Emperor Thalos ruled a empire that stretched from the Eastern Sea to the frozen wastelands of the north. It was said that he drew on his magic to extend his lifespan, so that he ruled beyond the years of any normal man. Finally, when he sensed mortality drawing near, he sought to become immortal and challenge the gods themselves. He journeyed far into the frozen north, seeking the legendary Well of Life.

Drawing on the Well’s magic, he cast a spell so mighty that the world shuddered on its foundations. The face of the Earth shattered, and the seas rose and fell. Waves as tall as mountains reshaped the landscape. The world was shattered and re-made, and Thalos vanished into the mists of Legend.

In the three centuries since that dark day, pockets of survivors have struggled to rebuild. From the ashes of that dark time arose the Kingdom of Aralon, forged of a pact between the elves, trolls, and humans.

Now a shadow has fallen over the land, and all the promise of a peaceful Aralon hangs on the delicate thread of Fate. A hero must answer the call to restore the hope of the future, and re-discover the legacy of the past.

Aralon promises over 30 hours of play time, with 4 character classes, three races, mounts, factions, day/night cycles, a crafting system, lockpicking, and so on.

Here’s a trailer. So far, so normal, but…wait, what is that 43 seconds in? Is he riding a velociraptor?!

Aralon is available for $4.99 for Android over on Google Play and iOS over on iTunes.

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