The Memory of Eldurîm Announced

Word reaches me of a new open-world wRPG on the horizon; one by the name The Memory of Eldurîm.

Brian Cozzens of developer Liminal Games says that The Memory of Eldurîm is inspired by The Elder Scrolls series, Dark Souls, and Gothic.

The premise:

Everyone in this world has lost something, and they don’t even know they have, until the last of the free kingdoms is falling, and its lord, Tidan Taldaryn, has a dream. In this demo, play as Ryn Taldaryn, who has learned that the world hangs upon his ability to find the ancient tree within his father’s dream. Ryn knows that death is the road to the tree—to finding what none know they’ve lost—but he is determined to walk it.

The Memory of Eldurîm aims to have an open world; day and night cycles; skill-based character creation; skills that improve with use; item crafting; fast, unforgiving combat; and support for co-op play. Developer Brian Cozzens states: “There will be a central storyline, with many outcomes based on decisions with permanent consequences, but also plenty of side quests and factions.”

As far as the graphics are concerned, the developers boast that The Memory of Eldurîm is currently the only indie title ever to be offered a Crytek license for its engine. Here’s a video showing pre-alpha gameplay:

If you like what you see, you may wish to back the game on Kickstarter. Cozzens says that if the campaign fails, they will continue development and perhaps launch another campaign some months down the road. The developers have graciously made an early build of TMoE available for free download so you can get some hands-on experience with the game in its pre-alpha state.

The Memory of Eldurîm is currently planned for release in late 2014, exclusive to Windows.


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  • Neigy says:

    This game is still alive and kicking! Its been a blast to play it thus far and it keeps getting better and better each update they release. Within the next 2 months (feb through march of 2015) there will be a lot of great new additions. A new explorable area, new spells and bosses to fight!


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