New release: Riders of Arylide

Riders of Arylide Totally Stoned
A bit of digging around reveals to me the existence of a relatively new jRPG called Riders of Arylide. Created by Phantasos Games, Riders of Arylide was made in RPG Maker.

The premise:

When their guardian sets sail for the Red Mountains and never returns, Allegra and Thaddeus are forced to travel across the lands of Erinyeth following the clues he left behind.

As soldiers in the Royal Erinyeth Army, they are about to learn the secrets he has kept from them about their true past.
Follow your destiny as you learn magic, battle monsters and try to save the land you love from being destroyed.

The feature list:

● Over 30 side quests
● Integrated walkthrough and strategy guide
● Quest journal
● Tutorial
● Pirate Mini Game
● Mouse play

One thing the list doesn’t mention: encounters are visible while exploring, and can be dodged. That’s a pretty huge plus. I’m not sure why “Tutorial” is a feature and that isn’t, but hey–who am I to say what should be in their feature list?

Riders of Arylide is an RPG Maker game, so that means it’s exclusive to Windows. You can nab it for $6.99 direct from the developer; there is a free demo available as well if you want to try before you buy.

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  • Rya.Reisender says:

    Not everybody hates random encounters and sees fixed encounters as something positive. 😉
    But of course the same thing can be said about tutorial, which some people really hate because they feel they game babysits them.

    On a sidenote, those dwarves look like pigs.

  • BarryB says:

    Not only is a tutorial a feature, but mouse play, too. Those sure does ratchet up the excitement factor for new features.


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