New release: Reflection of a Fallen Feather

Reflection of a Fallen Feather
Word reaches me that a new jRPG called Reflection of a Fallen Feather saw release on January 22. Created by developers Forepaw Software, Reflection of a Fallen Feather utilizes a truly unusual character advancement system.

The premise:

The main character (MC) is lost in a mysterious labyrinth with little recollection of the past and of who he used to be.  The labyrinth is teeming with “lost souls,” others that have lost their minds and attack with blind rage.  Like all others in the labyrinth, the MC has the ability to transform into any defeated foe and has been doing so to survive, but at a cost to his identity.

The MC teams up with two others that still have their wits in a journey to find an exit from the labyrinth, back to a life that he no longer remembers.  Along the way he recalls faint flashbacks of the past and ultimately must confront what he once did and come to terms with who he believes he is.

Here is a trailer:

And here is the game’s full feature list:

  • become the enemy—50 playable character types
  • full character customization—150 unique character abilities
  • hidden loot—dozens of unique accessories and tools
  • interactive open-world environment
  • fast-paced battle system—identify and exploit enemy weaknesses

The ability to morph into versions of enemies you’ve defeated (to say nothing of the general overall aesthetic) reminds me a whole heck of a lot of Final Fantasy Legend III, a somewhat obscure RPG for the original GameBoy. I’m curious to see how the developer implemented the progression system here.

Reflection of a Fallen Feather is pay-what-you-want for Windows; throw whatever amount of money you deem fair at the developer and nab the game here. (It is also on the XBox 360’s Live Indie Games market for $1.)

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