Palm Kingdoms 3 announced

Palm Kingdoms 3
Three-man Bulgarian studio iosoftware Ltd. has reached out to me with news of an upcoming fantasy strategy title by the name of Palm Kingdoms 3 (the game does not have its own web page at the moment–just the Facebook page).

I’m not sure that there is actually a narrative premise at work here, but the basic gist of the game is as follows:

You control brave heroes to explore land, fight your opponents, and capture their castles. To achieve ultimate victory, you need to collect resources, fortify defenses, make allies, and go through many fights with aggressive inhabitants of these lands. During the journey your heroes will gain experience, learn new spells and skills, recruit and upgrade their armies. The more Castles you own, the richer your kingdom is. But you need protection from your foes, as they will come and siege you sooner or later.

Here is a trailer:

Palm Kingdoms 3 is planned for release in Fall 2014 for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Windows Phone and Android. In the meantime, it is on Steam Greenlight, awaiting your upvote.

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  • aer says:

    Look very much like Heroes of Might and Magic II, the graphics, the heroes, the combat, hope it goes well for these guys.

  • Rya.Reisender says:

    Yeah looks basically exactly like HoMM, I guess that was their intention in the first place (“A game like HoMM for mobile devices”). But that’s okay because HoMM is awesome.

    I see they will be releasing it for Windows too, what about part 1&2? Those are mobile-only, right?

  • Craig Stern says:

    PK2 is for Windows and Mac as well; I’ll try to have something on that one relatively soon. 🙂

  • Rya.Reisender says:

    Oooh, found it. Funny how the Windows version is actually cheaper than the iOS version (if you buy the “All Maps” in-app purchase).

  • Flyfishing bob says:

    Aaaaa cant wait for this game… Me and my best friend used to play heros might and magic 3 all the time on the computer! Such great memorries and now i will be able to play it on my phone! So amazing!!! And i cant wait to tell the friend about this!


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