Saga Heroes announced

Saga Heroes
Utah indie studio Wasatch Games writes in to announce Saga Heroes, an action RPG with a title apparently custom-made to draw the litigious eye of world-class scumbags

…where was I? (sorry, I got a bit distracted by my loathing of there.) Oh, right! Saga Heroes. Yes. So, here’s the premise:

save the world from evil by uncovering the cause of the corruption of the land by a cult called The Shadow, whose sole purpose is to release the Elder God of Death, Goth-Azul. You start in the small village of Aria, with the clothes on your back and nothing more. Gain the trust of the townsfolk by helping them out and they will reveal more of the story.

“Goth-Azul,” huh? You know, if I had $300 to blow, I might actually throw it at this game’s Kickstarter just so I could create an NPC with this as his dialog: “Man–Azul used to be so much cooler back before he went all Goth, you know? Now he’s got this cuuuult, and he listens to The Cure all the tiiiiime, and he’s just super into death. It’s totally lame.”

“Craig,” you might say, “what are you talking about?: You can’t just throw $300 at a game and create a character!” Ordinarily, dear reader, you would be correct–but this game has a Kickstarter. Feel free to throw money at it if it strikes your fancy! (Also: a Greenlight page for upvoting and such.)

Here’s the trailer:

According to Wasatch’s Kickstarter reward estimates, they’re planning to release the game in August–a very aggressive schedule, but certainly not impossible if they’re far enough along. (Developer Eric Wiggins tells me that the release date might slip if they don’t hit their goal, and the game’s scope will likely be affected.)

Saga Heroes is planned for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Ouya.

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  • Rya.Reisender says:

    I’m not really into action RPGs, but your article was great and funny.

    But I think you meant to write “what are you talking about?: You can’t just throw $300 at a game and create a character!” (can’t instead of can).

  • Dave says:

    Not really an ARPG fan, but the graphics and music both seem really nice. The developer said it’s more in the style of Zelda but I’m not really seeing evidence of puzzles or Zelda style equipment upgrades. Still, I wish them luck.

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